"Sasquatch, Where Are You?"

The "Sasquatch, Where Are You?" Line

Sasquatch Arts invites you to share in the joy and romance of searching for the mystical and whimsical creature which has eluded the modern world. He has kept himself hidden. But now, take a step into the Pacific Northwest fairy-tale photography of Rebecca D. Schnabel and ask him, "Sasquatch, Where Are You?"


All photographs in the

line have


Sasquatch Arts dedicates the "Sasquatch, Where Are You?" line to photographs in which you will find a hidden Sasquatch. In some photographs you will easily spot him in his forest neighborhood, while other photographs will require you to don your trusty old Sasquatch seeking gear for a longer trek through the fairy-tale image. But we promise: If you are willing to go searching,

He's Waiting to Be Found.