Special Projects

Chasing Ebenezer - 2017 Album Art

Sasquatch Arts received the honor of creating the photographic art for folk rock band Chasing Ebenezer's new album, Outcasts & Refugees, released in March 2017.

Sasquatch Arts proudly attended the band's release concert on March 13, 2017, at 7:00pm, held at McMenamin's White Eagle venue in Portland, Oregon. See the band's website for their 2018 concert dates in the PDX, OR region.

The Project

In their album Outcasts & Refugees (released March 13, 2017), Chasing Ebenezer advocates for the outcast and refugee in search of a home and belonging.


For this reason, Chasing Ebenezer chose as the location for the album's shoot The Oregon Dunes near Reedsport, Oregon. The seemingly desolate sand dunes remind one of the isolation one can feel in his soul when one is lost and searching. But with a boat as its focal point in the shoot, Chasing Ebenezer reminds its listeners of the promise that even the hope of water can hold - if only one can just find his way to the water.


For the back story describing the morning of the shoot, read Pathways Over Shifting Dunes.


Images from the shoot were taken with two different cameras: a 35 mm film camera with black and white film and a Digital SLR camera. See samples from the shoot below! You can see more photographs on Chasing Ebenezer's website and in their debut album Outcasts & Refugees, available for purchase now through iTunes and Amazon.